Logan City Council Animal Keeping Laws

If you own a pet, it is important that you understand our local laws. The following list gives a brief summary of what you need to know. Laws help us ensure that animals are well cared for and that the community is safe and well-being. The review as part of the City of Logan`s 2018-2022 Animal Care Strategy will ensure that parts of local cat and dog ownership laws are better suited to our evolving city. Animals are wonderful companions! If you keep an animal on your property, you must comply with our local breeding laws. Transfer of license for more than 20 animals. The 2022-23 Carers Fee registered with other relevant agencies must obtain approval and comply with our subordinate local law 4.1. For more information on the approval process, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au Keep in mind that if you rent your home, you may need your landlord`s permission before you can have a pet. Owner`s permission is separate from our laws on how many animals you can have.

If you wish to keep more than the permitted number of animals for your property, you will need to apply for a permit. The new laws, which entered into force on 21 February 2020, were drafted after eight months of social commitment. Your local board may require you to meet certain standards for your commercial animal operations, including: If you change, update or otherwise change the premises, you must prove to the local council that: You do not need this license to keep animals on your property if you do not intend to take them on board, train, breed or sell them for commercial purposes, but you may need a permit to keep animals to do so. Select the pet below to find out how many you can have in your accommodation. There are restrictions on the number of animals you can keep on a property in Logan. Before you have a pet, you need to check how much you can keep. Your local board may also take other precautions to maintain adequate standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Between March and December 2019, we received significant community contributions to the laws. On 29 January 2020, the local legislative amendments were adopted by the Ordinary Council. In February 2020, local cat and dog custody laws will be published and made public by the state government.

The final step in the legislative process is for the state government to publish the proposed amendments to subordinate local law No. 4.1. We expect this to happen on February 21, 2020. For more information about barking dogs, dog pen requirements, and effective control of your dog, see Pets and animals. Feedback from residents helped ensure that local cat and dog laws are more appropriate for our evolving city. The new laws will allow residents to own a pet. You may need a development permit if you want to own more dogs than a breeding license allows. For more information, see Developing in Logan. From March to May 2019, we asked for your input into the future of local cat and dog ownership laws in the City of Logan. We received 2346 responses telling us what you think. We have used your feedback to design possible scenarios for local laws.

To apply for a breeding license, please read local laws and breeding permits. You need this licence to operate a commercial pet facility where you provide food, educate, raise or sell animals. Examples of these premises are kennels, kennels, pet stores and animal shelters. Local laws for cats and dogs have now been changed. From November 20 to November 6. December 2019 was your last opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed changes before they are adopted by Council. The council recently reviewed some of the local laws governing how cats and dogs can be kept in the City of Logan. The number of animals you can keep depends on the size of your plot.

To find out the size of your property, please visit My Property. For more information, see logan.qld.gov.au/animallaws. Between August and September 2019, we asked “Did we hear you right?” and publicly discussed the scenarios online. Public discussion forums were used to inform changes in local laws. The number of dogs you can keep on your property depends on the size of your plot. The table below shows the number of dogs you can keep under our local laws. Prescribed dogs (e.g. Greyhounds, show dogs, agility dogs, herding/experiment dogs) Pet stores may require development permission for the following activities: To obtain a copy of our local livestock laws, please download: Local Law 9 (Licensing) 9 1999 (opens in a new window) For more information on local laws governing animal husbandry, see Local Law No.