Which Legally Blonde Musical Character Are You

Legally Blonde is a 2001 American drama film directed by Robert Luketic. Elle Woods was the character played by Reese, and she decided to go to Harvard Law School to follow her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III (played by Matthew Davis) and hopefully win him back. The Queen of Sisters is abandoned by her boyfriend because she is not serious enough. Woods decided to follow him to law school. It also stars Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette, Luke Wilson as Emmett Richmond, Selma Blair as Vivian Kensington, Victor Garber as Professor Callahan, Holland Taylor as Professor Stromwell, Ali Larter as Brooke Taylor Windham and more. The film is based on Witherspoon`s performance as Queen of the Fashionable Sisters. She is a popular character, and many people quote the film frequently. If you`re a big fan of the film, you`ve probably seen its sequels, and anyone majoring in their first year of law school has undoubtedly seen it. The film was a hit and grossed $141.7 million worldwide. The Legally Blonde film franchise began when Woods` first film went to Harvard Law and the second film saw his work in Washington DC. A so-called third film is in the works, and there was even a Broadway musical. The iconic scene of the turn and the snap is often cited to find a new admirer.

In addition, it is a film that has taught many people the maintenance of permanent staff. He also popularized Hoku`s song “Perfect Day”. Which of the characters in Legally Blonde describes you the most? But which character is based on your personality? We`ve taken a look at some of the best Legally Blonde characters and are here to help you figure out which one you are. Take this quiz to find out. If you don`t do musical theatre, don`t take this quiz because honestly, it won`t make sense to you. If you don`t and still take the quiz, I suggest you look for these musicals! I think they are all brilliant and different in their own way. Do you like musical theater and want to know which character you prefer? That answers all your questions, whether it`s your Natalie from Next to Normal, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Whatsername from American Idiot or even Elphaba from Wicked! Have fun:) You have a very good fashion sense and are not afraid to take risks for those you love. You feel comfortable doing things your way, even when others don`t believe in you. They like to challenge stereotypes. Although you may look mean and biting at first when someone takes the time to get to know you, you are really understanding and fun to hang out with.

You`re always willing to do the right thing, even if it doesn`t benefit you. Where are you most likely to be on a Saturday afternoon? Your wisdom and intelligence help you understand the world and others, which leads them to come to you for advice. Although you may seem harsh at times, your friends know that you only wish them the best. You are smart, calm and would do anything for the people you love. Your kindness lies in everyone you meet. You put career and success first, even above relationships and friendships, and sometimes it gets you into trouble. You`re not very sensitive to other people`s feelings, including your own, but sometimes that`s a good thing. You don`t have enough confidence unless someone is there to give you a little help, but you like to have fun, you`re friendly, and you`re not afraid to speak your mind. You like to party, have fun and be spontaneous. You like to try new things and help your friends. They will always be there for your best friends, even if you have to travel around the country.